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Our first  released the three track RAIN EP is now only available as a download from BandCamp and  iTunes. Click here to listen to the whole Rain EP on SoundCloud. The Wait, our second release is out now on digipak CD and download from the same places. The Wait is a 6 track mini album which will set the theme for the full 15 track debut album Rain. I't a must have edition to your music collection!

The RAIN album will be released on 11th November 2013 and we're very excited about the way Rain is sounding. There are more details about the RAIN on the 'Rain' page. The writing and recording of RAIN has been a journey of discovery for Andy and Pete, and we're sure you'll hear the influence of Pink Floyd in there but hopefully our unique style will come through and become familiar in our music.

The most difficult decision we have to make now is what to leave off the album? We have enough material to fill a double album! So maybe we'll be working on the next album as soon as Rain is release and we've had a few moments to get our breath back!!

We hope you'll like what you see and hear and look forward to catching you at a live show in 2014.

"There's elements of Floyd's Wish You Were Here and The Division Bell in their sound, they also point to Porcupine Tree as another inspiration and there's no denying that Richard Barbieri's keyboard style looms large. At their most sparse, Freedom To Glide also evoke the more soundscape-heavy fare of Barbieri's Rain Tree Crow side project."
                                                                       Prog Magazine - May 2012
"Sounds Like the best bits of mid-late career Pink Floyd"
                                         Prog Magazine May 2012
"When I listened to Rain, part 1, a track recorded by Freedom To GlidePink Floyd immediately crossed my mind. Reading their biography made me realize that this wasn't coincidental. This new musical project was put together byPete Riley and Andy Nixon, two musicians who both played for many years in the British Pink Floyd tribute bandDark Side Of The Wall. While playing in this band they started to collaborate and to work on each other's music, which was also the start of Freedom To Glide! According to their website they're'not afraid to push the boundaries'.

The fruits of their labour got physical evidence with the release of the first CD, which is a kind of intro to their forthcoming debut album Rain later this year. Rain EP only lasts thirteen minutes and contains three tracks. Their music is 'compelling, thought provoking and sometimes deeply moving', at least that's what has been written on their website. Sure, these are nice characteristics and of course everyone is entitled to have its own opinion, but what I heard during these thirteen minutes was excellent progressive rock music mainly performed by Pete Riley (keyboards, piano, vocals, sampling, programming) and Andy Nixon (lead guitar, acoustic guitars, vocals, bass, drum programming).

This three-track taster for the album starts with Rain, part 1, the title track of the forthcoming album, which was inspired by the story of a Corporal Robert Wilson. His experiences in WWI sowed the seeds for the album which has evolved into a compelling and sometimes personal journey through a century of war and the consequences that affect us all. It's also a song about the soldiers in WWI falling like rain on the battlefield. Music wise Rain, part 1sounds like a combination of the Floyd-tracks Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Run Like Hell and especially The Great Gig In The Sky because of the strong vocal contributions of Francesca Genco

Next track Anywhere Else But Here completely differs from the opening piece; gone are the links with Pink Floyd! This time it seems that Riley and Nixon were inspired by the Gaelic sound of bands like Clannad and Iona. This kind of Irish music works well and creates a strong atmosphere. On the last track the music once again undergoes a change in musical style. On Path Of Reason a band as Porcupine Tree served as a model. Unfortunately the music stops after this track; thirteen minutes of music is way too short for this high-levelled and very enjoyable kind of music.

Freedom To Glide made their mark with this three-track EP in the world of progressive rock. If the quality of the other songs on their debut album will reach the same high level the prog rock community has really something to look out for. I can hardly wait to listen to the extended version of Rain. Please check out the music of Freedom To Glide on their websites and Soundcloud. You'll be surprised just like I was!"

Henri Strik
Background Magazine - Netherlands - June 2012

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Freedom To Glide interview and cover disc with 'Rain Part 1'

Freedom To Glide – f2g

F2g is the coming together of musicians Pete Riley and Andy Nixon. Both Pete and Andy have for many years played together in the Pink Floyd tribute band Dark Side of the Wall, an award winning Midlands based band that has toured the UK from Whitehaven to the Isle of Wight – ‘That’s how we both met.’

Unbeknown to them at that time, on the 13th March 2010 the seed was sown for what would become Freedom To Glide.

The tribute band were playing a concert in Manchester and after the band had sound checked Pete was chatting to Andy about a song ‘Hypnotized’ that he was recording. The song needed some acoustic guitar so he asked Andy if he’d be interested in taking a listen and maybe laying down the guitar. A week later, the track came back not only with guitar, but drums, bass and backing vocals! ‘It was just awesome. The song had now taken a totally new direction. Andy’s input had changed everything, musically we just simply clicked – Thinking back, it was one of those eureka moments.’

Soon after ‘Hypnotized’, Pete sent Andy a keyboard intro with all sorts of military radio chatter and sound effects and the simple statement – ‘it’s a song about WW1 soldiers falling like rain on the battlefield, fancy a crack at this one too?’ The reply came back ‘Roger that…’

Rain was born!

During April both Andy and Pete worked on ‘Rain’ but that wasn’t the only track that was being written. Andy wrote demo’s for ‘Wind’ and an instrumental track that would later become 'Price of Freedom'. This was getting serious.

Geographically we live over forty miles apart. Andy in West Midlands and Pete in Derbyshire. This hasn’t been an issue though. We both have our own studios at home and the recording is done separately then it comes together electronically via the Internet and hard copies on discs. In fact we could be on the other side of the world and still be creating music together. You don’t need to be in the same room to create ideas and demos, but we do get together for the important stuff like mixing and idea discussions – after all we are a band.

So we had a concept for an album, we had the first set of demos songs steadily building but one thing was missing – we didn’t have a name?

This proved to be the hardest part about our collaboration so far. We spent hours and used up nearly all of our free text messages sending ideas to and thro, but a name just simply came out of nowhere, a phrase that just said it all:

Freedom To Glide